REVIEW: Single Release: The Wisdom By Elfin Bow

The Wisdom by Elfin Bow released 13th June 2016
Elizabeth Anne Jones is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, full time visual artist and musician who goes by the name of Elfin Bow for all of her creative projects which are charged with imagination and creativity. Monday 13th June 2016 sees the release of Elfin Bow's single "The Wisdom"

The song comes from her debut album which is a compilation of 13 songs which aims to showcase this talented artists two passions; art and music. Furthermore, Elfin Bow shares a positive message of love and creativity with followers of her music bringing value and meaning to their lives through her art, lyrically and visually.

To help fund the debut album, Elfin Bow has started a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo. In order to facilitate this and make the project a success, you can donate to her
crowdfunding campaign
There is a healing quality to this track which aligns completely with Elfin Bow's core values and mission as a visual artist and musician. This is a gentle track that delivers a strong message. This resonates with everyone who has been questioned on their ability to exercise judgment or rely on their own inner wisdom. It is a theme of global impact, a strong message delivered with poise and grace. It is about self-discovery, self-belief, trusting in your inner wisdom and guidance system. Having the confidence to be yourself. 
Photo credit: Michael Cusick Photography
Elfin Bow is unassuming and exudes a quiet confidence with an air of humility and serenity. The single "The Wisdom" is sent with love and the video shot on location at Lowther Castle and Gardens in Cumbria provides the perfect setting. It is a place of enchantment and peace. The use of dream catchers in the video is perfect symbolism for the theme of wisdom. The original dream catcher of the Ojibwa was intended to teach natural wisdom. *Ojibwa were a group of indigenous people from North America.
Photo Credit: Michael Cusik Photography
The video is an excellent visual representation of the song. It is gentle and filmed in a place of natural beauty - a trusted place synonymous with that space within where your inner wisdom and self-belief resides should you confidently tap into it. A place that should be your safe place, a haven. Elfin Bow uses her own personal experience and journey to empower others through her music. This track is a delightful, life affirming expression, extolling the virtues of the liberation and emotional freedom that is felt from trusting in your inner wisdom, living in your truth and allowing the flower of self-belief to bloom within you.

Elfin Bow captivates you with her ethereal tone and provides reassurance that things do not have to be complicated. If we take the time to just be silent and to reflect on our inner wisdom, we will attain a place of confidence and no longer be broken emotionally. We merely need to open up our eyes and see. This is a stunning, beautiful piece of music, an exciting first release from what promises to be an exciting and grounded album with a underlying tone of all things wholesome and enriching.

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Elfin Bow will be performing her first free online concert which will be streamed to wherever you are on Monday 13th June at 8PM GMT to coincide with her single release. Find more details here

Elfin Bow's worldwide house concert - Monday 13th June 8PM
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